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Are there any rules of design that are worth following?

Many creatives will tell you to learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist. We agree that there is tremendous artistry in going rogue to create something that breaks the mold. That said though, some rules are worth following in the world of design.

Our Founder and President, Cole D. Haynes, recommends following these rules the next time you put on your design hat:

1. Never sacrifice functionality in the name of aesthetics or making a statement.

2. Never use recessed lighting as general lighting, but rather as accent lighting. Ambiance should be created by bouncing the light off of the walls back into the space. Chandeliers and high-end light fixtures should be used as your general lighting instead.

3. Utilize the architectural rule of three! Stay away from doing things in pairs, and use thirds instead. Fun fact: It’s proven that when you walk into a room that is broken into thirds, your natural viewpoint will shift to the upper left quadrant of the given vantage point.

Tell us which rule you’re going to keep in mind for your next design project, and don’t forget to subscribe to our CDH newsletter for more helpful advice like this!
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