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It’s not “Location, Location, Location…” It’s about “Timing, timing, timing.”

Break the Trend
Many owners simply do not have the time or the centered presence of mind to fully capitalize on their decision making in the fast-paced world of buying and selling. The majority of people follow market trends. What most fail to see is that when you do the opposite of what everyone else is doing, you begin to develop an opportunistic strategy that goes against the grain.
Timing, Timing, Timing
It is crucial not to focus on what is rumored to be the best: Location, location, location. If you stay concerned with finding the “perfect” location, you may fail to recognize that timing is far more important to consider. By the time you find the popular or obvious location, you are more likely to encounter a problem such as buying in an area that has been overbought. This will diminish your
profits and your impact. Be calculated in your timing above all else.
In order to become the type of person who seizes and creates excellent opportunities, it is necessary to focus on what is best for your own business. It is about doing the opposite of what others expect you to do or even what your body may be telling you to do. If your body is telling you to buy, then sell. If it’s telling you to sell, then buy! When you hijack your fear operating system and combine it with strategic business decisions, you ensure the greatest potential for success.
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