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RELIVE Delray Beach Open for Business

RELIVE Delray Beach is a health, wellness, and anti-aging medical spa co-owned by our Founder & President, Cole D. Haynes. RELIVE was also designed by CDH and built by our sister company, TWENTY TWO GROUP. RELIVE Delray Beach takes a holistic approach to modern medicine, offering services such as stem cell therapy, hormone replacement therapy, vitamin therapy, medical aesthetics, and laser hair removal.
Like all great things, the RELIVE' operating at full capacity took a great amount of time and energy. CDH participated in lease contract negotiations on behalf of RELIVE Delray Beach, in designing and space planning the storefront, and in assisting TWENTY TWO GROUP on overseeing the buildout and turnover of the storefront. In addition to this, CDH will be involved in all future site locating to ensure maximum profitability for the RELIVE brand.
The long anticipated ribbon cutting ceremony for RELIVE Delray Beach is officially set for March 23, 2023.
Visit the RELIVE Delray Beach website to learn more here:

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